Volumes: How We Touch the Light

Performance excerpt and context for audience viewing

Full live stream documentation


Volumes is the ongoing collaboration between multimedia artist and musician Anna Oxygen (aka Anna Huff) and sculptor Fawn Krieger. In conjunction with Krieger’s exhibition, Mouth of the Cave, on view at HESSE FLATOW (February 18 – March 19, 2022), Anna used scanned sculptures from the show as set, protagonists and active collaborators in a live and simultaneously mediated musical performance. Anna performs live voice, sound and choreography using a green screen set simultaneously fed to a viewable screen. Bodies in 3D space appear as architecture and media artifact along side the sculptures. Fawn creates all wearables, costumes, soft and hard sculptures. A middle aged woman’s body becomes an artifact stuck in time. The collaboration is a slow correspondence through objects, sound and group performance, with an emphasis on how live bodies and voice engage with sculptural forms and collaborative shape making. Oxygen and Krieger populate their landscapes of scanned sculptures, and bodies made up of pixels, and inevitably contemplate the potential of speculative world building in multidimensional, high frequency space.